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Director of Operations


My process would start by sitting down with both Tyler and DJ to gain an understanding of what an ideal candidate would look like to both of them. I would go over things like preferred management style, the kind of professional background the candidate had before they moved into management, what they would define as a successful Director of Operations at SkySlope, and what would priority one be for the candidate once they start?



HTML Email

A custom email that’s content rich with videos, pictures, reviews and statistics which is purposely crafted to gain the interest of a Director Level candidate. The email would have tracking capabilities allowing me to gain insight on things like open rates and how deep they scrolled into the message. If I see that the candidate has opened the message several times that’s usually a strong indicator that there is some degree of interest.


LinkedIn messages aren’t intended to be lengthy reads and even if they were, a Director level candidate usually doesn’t have time to read a lengthy message in the first place. I would deliver a message to the candidate that quickly summarizes my intention, why I think they’d be a fit, and then end the message with a URL the directs them to a our candidate engagement page that delivers a similar message as the HTML email.


Twitter is a great tool to engage a Director level candidate because there is a lower volume of other recruiters engaging them through this outlet and you also have the opportunity to embed links into your messages. As a bonus, a Director level candidate thats highly active on Twitter generally shows that they’re open and willing to adopt the latest technology and are up to date on the most recent news surrounding their field.

Cold Call

Making my calls around peak pick up times (i.e before they arrive at work, during their lunch hours, and on their commute home) increase pick up rates and even if the call goes to voice mail they’ll have an opportunity to listen to the voice mail and return the call. Since I am an extension of the SkySlope brand I’ll have an opportunity to verbally communicate to them everything they would have seen through other modes of communication.


Phone Screen

The initial phone screen will cover basic information such as salary requirements, where they’re currently living, and why they’re looking to leave their current position. I’ll also ask high level questions that will let me establish a foundational identity of the candidate and allow me to gauge where they fit within the three core concepts of what makes a great Director: passion, personality, and technical skills.

In Person Interview

The in person interview will give me an opportunity to evaluate their presence and how they carry themselves. The questions I ask will be more focused and aimed at understanding their management style. This will be accomplished by asking them situational based questions as well as questions that require opinion based answers. I’ll also ask the candidate what kind of ideas and strategies they would consider implementing at SkySlope now that they know more about the company.



Although salary requirements will have been gone over several times at this point, I will work with the candidate to find the  exact dollar amount that the candidate is comfortable with. This will be accomplished by knowing what the budget is for the position and making sure to stay within that dollar amount as well as using knowledge I’ve gained from the candidate along the lines of what they’re looking for in their next position (i.e some candidates will take less salary in return for being in an environment that lets them be innovative)

Counter Offer

I’ll ask the candidate if they’ll be expecting a counter offer and if they are I’ll have the candidate give me a clear answer as to why they won’t be accepting the counter. I’ll also use statistical data from third party sources to show the candidate that when people do accept counter offers, 80 percent of those who accepted ended up leaving their position under 12 months later.

Other Opportunities

If the candidate was aggressively looking for their next position they’ll most likely have several opportunities in play. I’ll make it clear to the candidate that if they are to accept SkySlope’s offer they need to inform they’re other opportunities that they’ve accepted a role and that they’re no longer on the market.

Anything Else?

The candidate will have the opportunity to voluntarily tell me any information that I wasn’t able to ask but should know about (i.e any previous police incidents that will keep your background check from being cleared etc.)

Time to Start

Building a Line Out the Door

Social Media


Twitter will be as an advertising platform to not only promote new job postings, but also social events that are either being held at SkySlope’s office or events that SkySlope will be apart of. Additionally, it can be used to give insight to funny or interesting things that happen in the office which in turn help establish SkySlope’s brand and what it’s like to work here.


Facebook will be used to not only cross promote content from SkySlope’s other social media platforms, but also to post relevant news that helps strengthen the companies brand and what it stands for. It can also be used to spread awareness of the different events that SkySlope will be holding.


Post’s on Instagram will be elevated to 2-3 times per day. The goal of the post’s are to showcase the culture and personality of SkySlope. Additionally, followers read Instagram post captions much more than any other social media platform. I will use the captions to promote open job postings and to give open ended questions that encourage response from followers.



Snapchat is the stickiest tool out there. When candidates follow the SkySlope Snapchat they’ll be able to see a 1 to 2 minutes of new stories everyday that give an inside look of SkySlope’s culture. Followers will constantly be reminded of who SkySlope is and as a candidate becomes tired of their current job they’ll be drawn in to what SkySlope has to offer.

Social Engagement


Hack-a-thons are a great way to bring together the engineering culture through competition. The events will serve a dual purpose in showcasing the start up environment that SkySlope offers to developers and by giving SkySlope an opportunity to identify top talent that would be a good fit to the SkySlope culture.

Design Nights

Design Night is an opportunity to bring together a community of innovators and enthusiasts who aren’t necessarily tech focused. People who come to these events might not necessarily have their own ideas, but they’ll be passionate about growth and innovation. These kind of attributes are part of what makes a great prospective SkySlope employee.

College Career Center

With two great local universities a stones throw away, establishing a presence on both campuses is a must. Creating relationships with career advisors at both schools will allow us to pinpoint who some of the best upcoming graduates are whether it’s for tech, accounting, marketing, sales, or human resource focused.

Sports Programs

College athletes who are also upcoming graduates commonly make great Business Development Representatives and Account Executives. They’re competitive, they listen to instruction, and they know how to accept failure without quitting. Since almost all college athletes don’t go onto professional sports, many are left looking for work out of college.

Traditional … with a twist

HTML Emails

Traditional text emails work for large enterprise companies that everyone already knows about. I’ll create a content rich HTML email that uses pictures, videos, and statistics that promote SkySlope and what it has to offer to a candidate. The email will also be tracked as well which provide me with analytics that will allow me to gauge a candidates interest.

Candidate focused site

The candidate focused site will have a similar tone to the HTML email in the sense that it will provide content rich subject matter to candidates. I’ll take the sites URL and include it into candidate engagement channels that limit what’s put in a message. For example, I’ll insert the URL into LinkedIn messages or in the bio of SkySlope’s Instagram page. The candidate focused site will also allow a candidate to send their resume even if they don’t opening for their profession.

Blogs and News Syndicates

Major Blogs

Engaging with major blogs who focus on a demographic similar to the one at SkySlope will promote the company on a national level. For example, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed would be great prospective blogs. I would approach them with stories on how the start up culture is beginning to shift from San Francisco to Sacramento and how SkySlope is leading the way.

Local News Outlets

I would approach local news stations and newspapers with stories about how SkySlope is changing the pre-conceived notion of what it is to have a job in Sacramento and how the companies rapid growth is not only great for local candidates looking for a job, but also for the community.

Traditional recruitment


Google CSM: Slideshare, BeHance, Recruit’em, Connectifier, Workable, LinkedIn, Indeed

Face to Face

Sitting down with a candidate over coffee, lunch, or a drink to gain an understanding of whether they’d be a potential at SkySlope.

Pipelining …